You are a coach & a business owner, and you thrive in going against the grain


You are already connected to your spirituality, but have a deeper knowing that this could actually be your ‘strategy’ for your business


You aren’t interested in the old paradigm structure, you want to be expanded to your healing journey and a deeper connection to you


You want to be a fierce leader, and you know in order to do that, you must face your shadows and heal the parts of you that don’t allow that through


You want to be empowered by your own genius, by your own way of doing business and life


You want to learn how to enter new dimensions in your meditation and connect to the guides who are here to support your journey


You want to understand your Human Design, how you work, how your energy works, facing the mirror of who you truly came here to be


You want to honour the past version of you, but quantum leap into the next version of you and enter that reality


You know you came here in this lifetime, at this exact time, to be a light for the rest of the world


You want support on your spiritual journey & aligning it with your business, but you know the power is within you


You already have your business & clients, but you are ready to make your Soul your strategy


You want to learn the energetics behind your business, as you know this is the leading force of your reality


You are ready to become your Quantum You, and the Queen you came in here to be, not just in business, in life ...

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The spiritual path is the most liberating journey you will go on, but with the liberation comes truth


It’s facing your shadow, it’s healing your inner child


It’s walking through every fear, and stepping into a next level of you before you feel ‘ready’


It’s reprogramming your mind from all the conditioning this World has

given us


But you are here, at this time, sharing your gifts, because you are awake


And being awake is freedom & shadow, it’s polarity


The paradoxes we live in mean that yes we rise, but in order to do that, a part of us must fall


That is where this journey comes in


To fall, and to face fear, but to be held


To rise, and quantum leap, but to be celebrated before you feel ‘ready’


To connect souls so you don’t have to do this journey alone


To be held in the shadow, and ignited in the rise


Queen, I see you


I see your gifts, I see your light


It’s time for the rest of the World to see that too


I have been on the most incredible spiritual journey, shedding old skin & stepping into new identities DAILY


Quantum leaping, rising power


But I have gone through (and still am) every shadow, wounded inner child, walking & crying through fear


Saying no to a life I once knew but was asleep in, and walked alone into a new life where I manifested spiritual sisters & connections


This journey is here for you to be held through it all


For me to witness your power & light, when you can’t see anything at all


I am here to hold the frequency you know you are being expanded to ...


Together, we understand your Human Design, so that you can expand your awareness to your unique self, and witness there is a way that is unique to you


We go deep in meditation, to connect you to your highest power & spirit guides


We face shadow and we reprogram back to your most authentic self


We shed the skin of the old version of you, the version who was in fear, who doubted you, and felt stuck to what the world told her life ‘should’ look like


We meet your inner child, and heal the parts of her so that she is liberated and safe in this journey


We face the shadows and the ‘should’s’ in your business ... is it truly lighting you up?


We release old energy from your body, so that the weightless you can quantum leap into her next reality


We create the identity that your Soul knows you are here to step into, and we cultivate her vibration, so that everyday, you are her


You are not here to be anything short of extraordinary


And your Soul is waiting for you to stand in your worth, connect to your spirit & become the fierce Queen you came here to be ...

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In-depth Human Design Reading

12 weeks Coaching

1:1 Bi-Weekly 45 minute sessions

Voxer Support Mon-Fri

Recorded Meditations

Recorded Hypnosis

Neural Reprogramming

Soul Sister Support

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Get ready to rise


Get ready to shed


Get ready to be the Quantum you


The you who already knows


You are coming home to yourself


To your power


To your gifts, that the World so deeply needs


I cannot wait to hold you, witness you & celebrate you