Wow, what can I say about Imogen?! I am not over exaggerating when I say this woman has changed my life. 

When I first started working with her, I was in a job that I was unhappy in. I wanted to leave my company, and I was so worried I would never find anything else or find my purpose. I had always had this fire in my belly to do more, to create more and to achieve more.  


2 weeks into our session I launched my podcast. ME! Launching a podcast?! Never in a million years did I think i would create a podcast, but here I was. Showing myself to the world, vulnerable and opening the flood gates to what I thought would be lots of judgement. The response was amazing. Imogen taught me that the only person who was judging me, was myself. I also quit my job, and have now pursued a career in the coaching world, which is much more aligned for me.  


Now that our 12 weeks are over,  I can't even believe the change I have felt.


Imogen has helped me to deep dive into all my blocks, fears and limiting beliefs. 


Investing in myself, in the form of coaching with Imogen was the best thing I ever did. 


Imogen has TRUELY changed my life for the better, and I want EVERYONE I know to feel the way I feel right now.


Free, happy and ready to carry on levelling up!! 


I can guarantee working with Imogen will be the best investment you make this year, FACT.

Emma Naylor

Firstly I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, how fantastic the last 12 weeks have been. Never would I have thought that it is possible to change my mindset, and of course, I wouldn't have been able to do that without you.


I was reluctant to believe the programme would work as I didn't think I "needed" a coach, but after just the first discovery session, I was sold. It was as if you were able to see life through my lens and completely understood my perspective.


I've never clicked like that with someone before. You're the first person to challenge my own beliefs and make me question my negative thoughts, and with your help I've manged to identify with the person I was always meant to be.


Life is so much easier now. I'm not in a constant state of flight or fight (which I assumed was my "normal").


I feel that I am living proof that the programme does what it says on the tin, as I am living a happier, more rewarding life.


My friends and colleagues have complimented how much this "new" Jess suits me, but I know it's just the real me.


I've had some testing times during my journey, but you have equipped me with the foundations and toolkit that I need to see the positives in every situation. Thank you!

Jess Cosson

I worked with Imogen and completed her 12 week program. At first, I wasn't quite sure about spending the money on my own mentor when I didn't know much about it. But now that I am finished, I can't believe I ever second guessed doing it.


Imogen has helped me see and handle my life/mindset/obstacles/mental health in such a different way. She has helped me deal with my anxiety and depression in ways that my psychiatrist can't.


We got down to the root causes of many issues in my life that I have been dealing with and that have been the obstacles standing in the way of me becoming my best self. But after finding those causes, she has many unique and logical ways to overcome those unconscious beliefs/problems.


She has opened my mind even more and taught me ways to deal with my negative thoughts and how to correct the way I think about them. Ways that I would never have thought of doing on my own. She is supportive, caring, motivating, well organized, and always there to help with any type of barrier you may have.


Even if you have the thought that you already reached your highest self, I still suggest working with Imogen to see what else is possible for you. Maybe something that you may have never imagined.


There is always room for improvement and she will remind you of your potential and teach you what you need, to see the possibilities and reach your goals.

Katie Pfanz

Imogen ran a 60min guest workshop inside of a 5 x week programme we are running at Actively Alive. Not just my clients, but myself as the creator of this course was blown away. Imogen's energy, dynamic, effort and ability to deliver information in a simple, yet intricate and relatable way was second to none. She shared so much value in such a short space of time about the Mind & NLP, without overwhelming the audience. 

She really wanted to understand the energy behind the programme and the outcome we were working with; her approach to collaboration is just above and beyond. I couldn't be happier in investing in Imogen's time and her offering in this space.

Thank you for kicking off the 5 x week programme and taking the entire group on a journey of knowledge, laughter, breakthrough, realisation and inspiration.

Nicola, Actively Alive UK