Soul Design Reading Options

75 min - £222

A full in depth Human Design reading with action steps on how to integrate

60 min – £188

A second Human Design Reading to delve deeper into your chart & support on how it's been for you since the first reading

Couples Reading - to understand how you work in a partnership and how to best communicate with one another, as well as play to each others strengths. Truly life changing for strengthening relationships!

1hr 30 min – £255

Children reading - To understand how to parent your child following their unique energetic ways. This will allow you to understand how they work individually, allowing a stronger relationship and bond.

1hr 15 min – £177

Human Design is the science of your energy and who you came here in be. It allows you to understand the way you work individually and empowers you to see that we are all unique. It is your souls contract for who you came here to be, and it gives you the permission slip to be the you you were always meant to be.
A Human Design reading will tell you everything you need to know about who you are and how you work. It'll guide you through how you work in relationships, your life purpose and the path you came here to experience.