About Me

Getting into Dance College with no Dance experience was probably the first time in my life I realised I had real drive. I took on the challenge as an underdog and fought my way through. This was a true test of resilience and mental strength, but at some stage my strength suffered. I got really caught up in the expectations and thinking I wasn’t good enough that I stopped eating. I thought that if I could be skinny, then at least I might get a job on that basis. I didn’t eat, or maybe ate some Weetabix and a small coffee to get me through an 8 hour day of dancing.

I lived with my best friends which made it really hard, trying to hide at dinner time thinking it wasn’t obvious that I wasn’t eating. A lot came with this, to the serious lack of self worth that I would punish myself if i actually ever indulged and taking pictures of myself EVERYDAY to see if I had put on any weight. This seriously took a tool on my mental strength, and the resilience and drive I had first proven to myself, had gone. I was in my final year, the year to get a job, and my lightbulb moment was when my best friend said .."you don’t smile anymore, your personality has gone, I don’t know who you are.” Now that hit me hard, but omg I am SO thankful she said that!! It was what I needed to fight this and give myself some worth.

It was by no means easy, but somehow I got out of this state, and I started to eat again, I started to get my personality back and I changed my MINDSET to the fact that I could get a job, I could get in the show numbers, and that I did .. through the power of manifestation!! This eating disorder crept up on me even in my professional career, but I became aware of it, and I became aware it was a deeper cause that I needed to work through.

I booked my first professional job straight out of college dancing on a cruise ship, which by the way I completely manifested!! Literally used to see myself walking around the ship in my cast uniform!!

This allowed me to travel the world and meet people from all over, and I was so inspired, however I always knew once this was over there was something bigger for me. 5 years later I stopped ships and moved back to land. I did a TV presenting course and was determined to be on TV. I got lost in how to actually get there, all I knew is that I wanted to speak to people about creating a better life, being happy, manifesting. Funny at this point I didn’t even know being a Coach existed! 

But this ignited my drive, brought me back to the belief that I can have what I want, I’ve just got to know what that is! So I read all the self help books (still do, love them!) I had always practised Mindset, Gratitude and Manifestation, but now I wanted to focus truly on what it is I wanted. I opened up to the possibilities and Coaching was put in front of me.

At this point, I honestly felt like I belonged. I have never had such a strong pulling feeling to a career and a path, that I know this is where I am meant to be. I know this because it’s what I have been doing my whole life. Strengthening my Mind, just like I do my body. Manifesting Money and creating a Rich Life for myself. And inspiring people to do the same.

I have an unbelievable amount of passion to help people uncover their true potential, and live the life that was meant for them. I believe that EVERYONE can life a full, happy, rich life, but they need the WILL to do it. I am that guide and support system to help.

I was on this path of success and then the wheels stopped turning. I stopped attracting clients and I felt lost in 'who was I really helping?'

I learnt a lot from the mistakes I've made in business. But my biggest breakthrough, was when I did all the subconscious unblocking. I didn't worry about strategy or all that other business 'stuff' I focused on my own subconscious beliefs, they're the roadmap to our lives after all.

And wow, everything started to show up and I truly felt magnetic. And this is what I am here to share with the World, and particularly, women in business. You see, we are so driven and so determined and we share the value of freedom. So starting with the freedom of your mind (the mind that creates your reality) just makes so much sense.